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Re: Xen support on Squeeze

> We have had to carry that patch without any upstream support (or sharing
> with Novell, which eventually released SLES 11 with 2.6.27).  As a
> result, the xen-flavour kernels for lenny are very buggy, particularly
> for domains with multiple vCPUs (though that *may* be fixed now).

Unfortunately it is not fixed.

We here once migrated to xen and now rely on it, and that gives lots of 
frustration. For any loaded domain we still have to run etch kernel, 
because lenny kernel constantly crashes after several days of heavy load. 
Dom0's run lenny kernel - and with a fix for #542250 they don't crash, but 
those are almost unloaded.

Btw, major problem is virtual device performance - even in pure 
paravirtualization case (no qemu). We have multi-user /home serviced by a 
dedicated domu that gets it in a virtual block device - and it is terribly 

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