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Re: Increasing developer productivity through tools

Florian Weimer writes:
> Have you got any suggestions for increasing productivity with proper
> IDE support for medium-sized C and C++ code bases?
> I've got a hunch that proper browsing support (searching for
> definitions/references, displaying static call trees) might help me to
> navigate unfamiliar code bases, making it easier to review and apply
> fixes.  Ctags does not seem to be reliable enough.  I would prefer
> something based on a real C/C++ implementation, honoring effective
> preprocessor #defines and so on.  (C++ is desirable, but optional.)
> The last time I looked at Eclipse CDT, it was somewhat approximate in
> nature (just like ctags).  So I wonder if there are other options.  My
> trouble with evaluating them myself is that I often can't tell whether
> a certain feature is buggy or not reliably supported, or if the
> project setup is wrong and the IDE cannot extract the required data
> from the source files.
> The IDE does not have to run on Debian.  It can be proprietary, but
> obviously, it must be possible to get a single-seat license, and it
> shouldn't cost significantly more than the computer it will run.

Other options with browsing/searching support include:


I have very limited experience with them, but at least I found that searching 
for definitions works as expected and are generally much better than Eclipse 
CDT. Both have ITP's, and perhaps some old package are still hanging at 
mentors.debian.net for a sponsor.

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