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Where is "upstream" zlib coming from?


The Debian changelog for zlib 1: says it is a new upstream

zlib (1: unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

However when I visit zlib.net (or zlib.org, or gzip.org/zlib they all
redirect to zlib.net), it has the same old zlib 1.2.3 from 2005. No new

So where does Debian get these new zlib releases from?

If I diff the ChangeLog of zlib 1.2.3, and Debian's I see that
it has changes from 2006, and 2009, while zlib.net's
release stops at 2005.

The Debian package says "Homepage: http://zlib.net/";, which makes me
believe I was searching on the correct site for the upstream release.

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