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Re: Some questions on format "3.0 (quilt)" multi-origin

Goswin von Brederlow ha scritto:
> Marco Nenciarini <mnencia@debian.org> writes:  
>> I think the right way to include a new component or to update one is to
>> bump the package source version. Something like:
>> dovecot_1.2.7+plugin1.orig-libsieve.tar.gz
>> This avoids to let dpkg-source (and the maintainer also) confused when
>> you try to build the source, because it uses a completely new namespace.
> But then you have
> dovecot_1.2.7.orig.tar.gz 
> dovecot_1.2.7+plugin1.orig.tar.gz 
> dovecot_1.2.7.orig-libfoo.tar.gz 
> dovecot_1.2.7+plugin1.orig-libfoo.tar.gz 
> dovecot_1.2.7.orig-libbar.tar.gz 
> dovecot_1.2.7+plugin1.orig-libbar.tar.gz 
> ...
> all being duplicates. You might have to duplicate 100MB of source for
> a 50k component update.

This is surely a drawback, but it happens with every new upstream release.

>> Moreover I think that the orig tarball should not be changed without a
>> version bump, even if it is composed by multiple files.
> Why not split the source into dovecot and libsieve? If they are
> released seperately and dovecot can build against multiple versions of
> libsieve then that indicates they should be seperated (by/with
> upstream) enough to allow building them seperately.

The relation is inverted. (Lib)sieve is a plugin of dovecot, and it must
be used only with the very same version on which is built. Managesieve
plugin has the same problem and perhaps the right solution to [2] is to
merge dovecot-antispam too. ATM both managesieve and sieve are included
as patches, but I wish to make them additional tarballs.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/544588

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