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Re: [RFC] DEP-6: Meta-Package debian/control field

David Paleino, 2009-12-21 09:13:17 +0100 :


> I mean, meta-packages should *always* have their Recommends installed,
> otherwise they have no point in existing.

  If it's *always*, then… isn't your proposal pointless?  If it's merely
a *should*, then Recommends is a fine solution.


> What's the use of a metapackage if you only choose 2-3 from, say, 20-30 
> "dependencies"?
> You'd better go with selecting those 2-3 directly. At least IMHO :)

  And that's what we have tasks for.

> Try to change your POV from the uber-user, who knows how to install "base" 
> packages and let others be pulled in, to the low-level users, which want 
> "gnome" installed, but don't want "rhythmbox" nor "banshee" installed. This 
> is what they do (writing the CLI version, but they're likely to use 
> something like Synaptic):
>   # aptitude install gnome
>   # aptitude remove rhythmbox
> OOPS! Since aptitude does "autoremove" by default, the users suddenly get 
> asked to remove all their desktop environments. How many requests of this 
> type have you seen on IRC, mailing lists, Usenet? I've seen *TOO MANY*, and 
> that's why I drafted this DEP in the first place.
> Definitely no, I don't think this is a marginal situation not worth
> doing some implementation work. (and I could help making patches,
> where I can)

  Then I suggest you just help converting the gnome metapackage to a
task, since this'll work with no intrusive changes in our tools.

Roland Mas

Neko-no me-to, onna-gokoro-to, aki-no-sora. -- Proverbe japonais
(« Souvent femme varie, bien fol est qui s'y fie. »)

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