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Re: Help with uscan

El vie, 18-12-2009 a las 14:14 +1100, Erik de Castro Lopo escribió:
> I'm trying to write a debian/watch file for an upstream package which 
> has a version number 1.2.3-rc4. For the debian package I need to drop
> the dash from the version number to give a debian version number of
> 1.2.3rc4.

Hi Erik,

You can use uversionmangle (see uscan manpage), but I think you should
use 1.2.3~rc4 instead of 1.2.3rc4 because 1.2.3rc4 > 1.2.3 (see dpkg

Try something like: 
opts="uversionmangle=s/-rc/~rc/" http://site/package-(.*).tar.gz

Ruben Molina

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