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MySQL server from backports.org issue

Maybe I can get a response with more info. I upgraded to MySQL-server
5.1.1 from stable using the backports.org apps in my sources.list &
pinning them . I also upgraded all of MySql as well. I did not realize
there was any difference until I tried to upgrade the backports
installation & I can not do it. I have discovered several things. 
1. the database mysql seems to be screwed up some way. 
2. I can not edit it or even open it from Webmin or MySqladmin or from
any other app. I get this error: 

"SQL show index from `event` failed : Can't find file:
'./mysql/event.frm' (errno: 13)"

3. I also can not change the password for the 'required' user
'debian-system-maint' ( why is there a required user) (was not needed

4. Basic global install requires my.cnf for it to be effective. I did as
normal taking the dist file, editing it & changing the name to my.cnf. I
noticed it shows the user as mysql. which I have enabled. I also see
that the 'required' user 'debian-system-maint' is enabled using webmin
to view this.

5. The debian-start requires the debian.cnf file and it says to NOT edit
it. I did see the it indicates the user as debian-system-maint with what
appears to be an obscured password.

6. I rarely have any gripes with the developers, however this just seems
to be unnecessary over engineering in order to debianize the server

7. My question is how do I fix this? The debian readme does NOT supply
an answer.

Somehow the server is running and my apps seem to be running OK, but I
just do not like the mess the debian developers have made of this. I
also can not uninstall the server to go back to the stable version.

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