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Bug#560744: O: xview -- XView UI toolkit library and client programs

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I'm orphaning the XView package, containing the XView UI toolkit libraries
plus a few applications using them (most notably olwm/olvwm). I haven't
used it for a long time and I guess it's finally time to let it die in
peace. However, for some strange reason, some parts of XView (e.g. olwm and
olvwm) are still quite popular and the XView libraries still seem to be
used for a few scientific applications.

If you're brave enough to adopt that package, please take into account that
there is no upstream (there hasn't been one for years), so all bugfixes
will be your responsibility. Please also take into account that most of the
code was written in the early 90's and as such is quite ugly by today's
standards (e.g. not at all 64 bit clean and nearly impossible to fix).

Reverse dependencies from other source packages are:


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