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Re: Can quilt delete files?

On Tue Dec 08 16:56, Thomas Koch wrote:
> Trying to generate an appropriate quilt patch failed. The only thing I came up 
> with, was a patch that contains the whole content of the removed files with - 
> before every line.
> Anybody more clever then me?

No, you can't do it like that. Generally the source package is repacked
to remove these first and that tarball is uploaded as the orig.tar.gz.
Many Java packages need to be repacked from .zip anyway, so that's not a
big deal. If you do this is customary to append a '.ds' or similar
suffix to the upstream version.

> I know that dpatch allows the execution of shell scripts. This would be ideal. 
> I'd just do find . -name "*.jar" -exec rm {} \;

You could do this, although if you are going down this route, just doing
it in the clean: target is probably sufficient. In any case they are
still shipped in the upstream tarball and dpkg-source ignores missing
files when creating the diff.gz


Matthew Johnson

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