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Update about "3.0 (quilt)" source format


This is going to be part of the next "Misc Developer News" on d-d-a but
since it likely going to take some time until we reach 5 items, I share it
on -devel right now.

Since dpkg, dpkg-source creates the .pc directory used by quilt
by itself (even if quilt is not available), it also relies on
.pc/applied-patches to know what patches are applied or not. It is thus
100% compatible with quilt and the option --without-quilt is thus gone.

In the same version, a new option --single-debian-patch has been created
so that people using a VCS can have dpkg-source create and auto-update a
single patch named debian-changes (instead of debian-changes-version)
somewhat similar to what the .diff.gz was in format 1.0 while still
benefiting from the other features (bzip2 compression, multiple tarballs,
etc.). It is possible to set the header of this automatic patch in
debian/source/patch-header and thus you can explain there where the
changes can be better reviewed (most likely somewhere in the VCS). 

Since the first change is a rather big change in the behaviour
and logic, I wanted to highlight it in the hope to catch any potential
problem quickly.

To completely avoid problems with buildd unpacking source packages outside
of the build chroot we would need to backport that change in lennny, I
might do that once the current code has been (satisfactorily) in use in

Raphaël Hertzog

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