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New Menu category Applictions/Multimedia


I was pointed to  
as I had an issue with an application categorized as Sound though it did video 
and pictures, too. 

I found that there was no entry for Multimedia but for Applications/Sound and 
Applications/Video which is rather confusing as some of the applications we 
have in the repos ,such as VLC(in viewers and Bangarang(in Sound) would be 
rather confusing to a user. 
For examble I wouldnt actually think that VLC can be defined as a viewer or 
bangarang as a stale Sound application as both do Video as well as Sound. 

I'm hereby proposing an additional Category for this list of such applications 
called Multimedia. This defines clearer what they are.
As a side effect teams such as pkg-multimedia don't do a separation between the 
two either. 

Kind regards,

Andreas Marschke.

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