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Re: New source package formats now available

Charles Plessy wrote:
> Maybe it is because you never wanted to listen to people who were
> interested to have the debian directory in a tar.gz, without a patch
> system on top of it?
> I answered to your feedback request, realised that you were not going to change
> your mind about format ‘3.0 (quilt)’, and then gave up. How many others?

I didn't work much on 3.0 (git) beyond submission, because I was getting
a definite vibe that Raphael was interested in his quilt format and only
that format.

Perhaps Raphael in turn was sensing that I didn't have a deep knowledge
of git -- I had only used it for a month or so at the time. And in fact,
we now know a much better way to do a git based format. I have been
considering working on it again, after #554682 is fixed.

> I understand that you do not want to throw away your work on this patch
> management system, but by making it optional, I think that you will actually
> increase your chances of success…

I think that's very wise.

see shy jo

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