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Re: Unversioned .so file in /usr/lib vs dh_makeshlibs vs postinst-must-call-ldconfig

Le lundi 23 novembre 2009 à 14:00 +0300, Nikita V. Youshchenko a
écrit : 
> > > I found that adding missing call to dh_makeshlibs does not fix the
> > > issue, because package installs a private shared library to
> > > /usr/lib/libxxx.so, and dh_makeshlibs does not add call to ldconfig to
> > > postinst/postrm if it finds unversioned libraries.

> > I'd say it's a bug in the package because private objects shouldn't be
> > installed in /usr/lib directly.
> Probably, however some packages do use that, and AFAIK this is not RC... or 
> not?

I think it fails to comply with policy §8.1.

And regardless of the policy, it completely breaks the dependency
system, so it should be avoided.

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