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Re: New source package formats now available

Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> writes:

> On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 10:48:14AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>> Because you want the patch to be clearly identified and to carry its
>> meta-information. Or because maybe you're applying 2 separate patches in
>> the same NMU upload.
> "Fixing cosmetic issues or changing the packaging style in NMUs is
> discouraged."
> Adding a patching system is surely changing the packaging style.
>> > OTOH, "dpkg-source -x" should result in the same tree (including the .pc
>> > directory), whatever the status of quilt installation is on the system.
>> > Or if that is not possible without quilt, then dpkg-dev should depend on
>> > quilt.
>> I don't agree with that statement. dpkg-source implements a subset of
>> quilt to work without that tool installed, that subset defines the
>> interface of the source package and it does not include the .pc directory
>> in the general case. If you want that part which is internal to quilt
>> itself, you just have to install quilt.
> My point is : dpkg-source -x should be idempotent, whatever other
> packages are installed when you do it. The fact that you can't
> dpkg-source -x, and *then* install quilt to manage the patches is a
> nuisance.
> Mike

There could be a simple call to dpkg to "quiltify" the source. But
what it comes down to is to unpack the orig, apply patches witzh quilt
and then copy over the .pc directory.


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