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Re: Is a README.Source required for the new package formats?

On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 15:24 -0800, Rodrigo Gallardo wrote:
> lintian is complaining about a package of mine I just converted to 3.0
> (quilt) that:
> W: rep-gtk source: patch-system-but-no-source-readme
> But, since dpkg-source will extract this package into the preferred
> form for modification, and since I didn't even add quilt as
> Build-Depends, should I consider this a bug in lintian?

No, you should upgrade your copy of Lintian to 2.2.18, which no longer
issues the warning.  From the changelog:

* checks/patch-systems:
  + [RA] Do not issue patch-system-but-no-source-readme for packages in
    3.0 (quilt) format.  Patch from Stéphane Glondu.  (Closes: #553207)



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