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Is a README.Source required for the new package formats?

lintian is complaining about a package of mine I just converted to 3.0
(quilt) that:

W: rep-gtk source: patch-system-but-no-source-readme
N:    This package build-depends on a patch system such as dpatch or quilt,
N:    but there is no debian/README.source file. This file is recommended for
N:    any package where dpkg-source -x does not result in the preferred form
N:    for making modifications to the package.

But, since dpkg-source will extract this package into the preferred
form for modification, and since I didn't even add quilt as
Build-Depends, should I consider this a bug in lintian?

I can see, OTOH, the argument that these new formats might need to be
documented, since they are so new and not everyone can be expected to
know about them. Anyone has a recommended README.source for 3.0
(quilt) packages?

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