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ITP: mercurial-buildpackage (for those who care about Mercurial)

Executive summary: If you use Mercurial and pbuilder for package
maintenance you should try out mercurial-buildpackage in
http://people.debian.org/~jps/squeeze/ .

I have spent some time on making an improved version of
hg-buildpackage, which turned out to become a complete rewrite now
called mercurial-buildpackage.  The highlights are

 * Support dpkg source format 3.0.

 * Several .dsc can be imported to retain the full history when
   converting an existing package.

 * Building via pbuilder is a breeze.

 * Easily parsable output; same format as Lintian or Piuparts.

 * Complains if the repository has uncommited changes (unless --force).

 * Only one repository.  Branches are used to keep upstream separate.

I will now work on getting backporting, downstreaming (Ubuntu etc.) to
be a breeze (breezy?) too. 

Jens Peter Secher, GPG fingerprint 0EE5978AFE63E8A1.

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