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Re: GR proposal: the AGPL does not meet the DFSG (take 2)

* Bill Allombert:

> ========= Text of the GR ===================
> The Debian project resolves that softwares licensed under the GNU Affero
> General Public License are not free according to the Debian Free Software
> Guideline.
> ========= End of the text ==================

I think this has to be decided on a case-by-base basis.  For certain
types of programs, it might be easily possible to comply with the
terms of the license, so I don't think there is a DFSG violation.
(E.g. upstream provides an in-situ source code distribution mechanism,
and we decide that the AGPL doesn't require that the debian/ directory
from the source package is made available for download.)

In other cases, like SMTP implementatins which put source code
download instructions in the footer of messages, I think we should
refrain from putting it in the archive.  But I don't think this
requires a GR.  It's a case-by-case decision.

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