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Re: Using a perl lib from postinst

Dominique Dumont a écrit on 12/11/2009 15:02:
> On Wednesday 11 November 2009 20:16:08 Rodolphe Quiedeville wrote:
>> I would like to use a perl lib included in postgresql-common from a
>> postinst script. What have I to do ? 
> I assume you want to call this perl lib from a postinst outside of postgresql-
> common package.
>> Call directly from the postinst or
>> write a perl script called from postinst ?
> I'm not sure what you mean.
> Since the postinst is a shell script, you cannot call directly the perl lib.
> You can either write a small perl script or use a perl one-liner.
> In all case, you will have to make sure that postgresql-common is installed 
> when your postinst is called.

Thanks for your answer.

I wasn't really clear, ok to do a one-liner or a script, and my package
has already a depends on postgresql-common, but if I write a foo.pl
script, I have to include it in the package, so where to include it ? In
the root or in a special dir ? and is there any rules (as convention) to
name it.


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