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Re: The horde of sloppy maintainers is a myth. Maybe not.

Playing-with-the-subject-season? Alright.

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> (12/11/2009):
> I do not think that such a list would contain more than 10 names
> after removing the MIA DDs. Most of the aggressivity on Debian
> Planet, and most of the examples I received in private in the past
> point at the same person, which makes me strongly think that all
> this resistance around source-only uploads is more due to the
> incapacity of solving a couple of social problems, than to a general
> tendency of the DD corpus of not caring what they do.
> PS: I acknowledge that the couple of DDs suspected of sloppyness
> maintain a large number of packages, which from your end makes
> slopiness a problem in general.

Nice to see you assert your gut feeling is right and that stupid
people are candid enough to believe in myths.

When you change your mind and actually start caring, try and check
what you're talking about, try and dig up some actual clues. Starting
with FTBFSes filed by buildd maintainers right after packages got
uploaded because they're missing Build-Depends might be a good start.

And no, this is not about just a single person. But if you think you
already got the whole picture, give facts, don't talk about your gut
feeling. You're not Gibbs anyway.


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