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Re: Iceweasel and Firefox compatibility

Quoting Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org):

> - Adding Firefox to Camino:
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=384721
> Where we can see that dbaron is against it.

IMHO, with not very convincing arguments. And no sign of answer about
the real potential problem: would that be another trademark issue.

Whatever solution is taken in the other branches of this thread where
possible UA strings are discussed, I think we should at some point
check with Mozilla Corporation about their stance: would they consider
it to be a trademark violation if we mention "Firefox" in some way in
the UA string of Iceweasel?

Mike, while I'm adding noise to this thread, I'd like to take time to
thank you for your decision to leave the discussion opened on changing
the UA string....despite your personal opinion on the issue. You're
doing such a great job maintaining that beast that I was really
fearing that such thread would lead to you giving up on the whole
shi^W thing....:).... So, let me mention that I have a great respect
for the way you're handling this. 

Really...et ce ne sont pas des mots en l'air.

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