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Re: please test with tiff 4.0.0~beta4 from experimental

Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> writes:

> Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
>> If you maintain a debian package that directly uses libtiff or if you
>> maintain software that uses libtiff, it would be a great help if you
>> could test your packages against the version of libtiff in experimental,
>> 4.0.0~beta4.  If you find any problems, please report them as bugs
>> against the tiff package in the debian BTS.  If you test and everything
>> works fine, I'd like to know that as well as I can communicate back to
>> upstream.
> I gave radiance a try and everything seems to work as expected. Just uploaded it
> to unstable in case somebody wants to play with the latest cvs head and the new
> libtiff.

Unstable or experimental? If you build against experimental libtiff
then you should have uploaded to experimental.


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