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please test with tiff 4.0.0~beta4 from experimental

If you maintain a debian package that directly uses libtiff or if you
maintain software that uses libtiff, it would be a great help if you
could test your packages against the version of libtiff in experimental,
4.0.0~beta4.  If you find any problems, please report them as bugs
against the tiff package in the debian BTS.  If you test and everything
works fine, I'd like to know that as well as I can communicate back to

The 4.0 release supports bigtiff (64-bit offsets) and old-style jpeg
compression.  It is *mostly* but not entirely source compatible with the
3.x series.  For details, please see


With libtiff 4.0.0, debian and upstream will be back in sync with shared
library version numbering.  In fact, the debian package for 4.0.0 beta 4
now contains no patches at all -- all debian patches have been
incorporated upstream.  The shared library runtime packages install as
libtiff5, so they can coexist with the versions in sid/squeeze.  The
development package, libtiff-dev, conflicts with libtiff4-dev from


Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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