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Re: /var/www is depracated, which directory to use?

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 3:48 PM, Stig Sandbeck Mathisen <ssm@debian.org>
> Tom Feiner <feiner.tom@gmail.com> writes:
>> Is /var/cache really such a bad option? I mean, the entire web content
>> is re-generated from templates & graphs are re-generated from the rrd
>> databases every 5 minutes. So even if someone did delete the
>> directory, it'll just be recreated up to 5 minutes later.
> Apart from "it feels wrong", no.

Hm... it does feel a bit wrong, but do we have any other sensible
choice? Adding /var/lib/munin-www/ is also an option, but it feels just
as bad as /var/cache :)

>>> One could ask via debconf, and suggest /var/www/munin as a default,
>>> would that be acceptable?
>> Users might not know a good answer such a question and will probably
>> just stick with the defaults, so suggesting /var/www/munin will just
>> keep the current non FHS complaint status quo.
> Ok, debconf question with /var/cache/munin/html as default, then.  The
> admin then have the option to use /srv/foo/whatever or /var/www/munin.
> By debconf, we have a path which we'll add to /etc/munin/munin.conf, and
> to the web server configuration snippets.

Sorry for the newbie question (I'm not that familiar with debconf). Will
debconf be able to manage upgrade from current munin version? Changing
the current 'htmldir /var/www/munin' to the new user specified one?

> Should the web configuration be enabled by default?  Assume apache2, and
> add configuration to /etc/apache2/conf.d/munin.conf?

In phpmyadmin package they raise a debconf question, asking which web
server the user wants to configure phpmyadmin to run under (and they
give apache2,lighttpd options), maybe we can do the same in munin?

Can you help me implement this for the munin 1.4~svn release for debian

    Tom Feiner

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