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Re: Lintian based autorejects

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 07:54:52PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Well, just like the release team apparently has the right to
>  arbitrarily overrule policy and decide when serious bugs are not
>  serious -- as opposed to not RC -- yup.

>         I do think that the ftp team decides what  gets into the
>  archive. They do this however they choose -- and I respect that decision.

>         Just like the release team decides what gets ihnto the
>  release. By whatever means they chose.

Where the release team policy on RC bugs has diverged from Policy, it has
been to *relax* enforcement of Policy requirements on packages already in
the archive, and not remove packages from testing for these bugs.  The
release team does not obligate anyone to *not* fix such bugs in their
packages; it does not *prohibit* developers from doing NMUs to fix those
bugs.  It's within the power of any developer to decide that a bug is
important enough to them that they'll fix it themselves before release, you
don't need the release team's blessing to do so - unlike trying to get
packages past the ftp team's new rules and into the archive.

This is a difference between imposing new rules, and not forcing maintainers
to comply with rules.

> >> We knew this decision by the ftp team was coming for a while, and will
> >> require checking against our other documents and probably changes to the
> >> severity of various rules.

> > And I objected before when this was first proposed that the ftp team
> > should not be auto-rejecting from the archive for any issues that are
> > not violations of Policy "must" requirements.

>         By the same token, the release team should not be accepting
>  packages intot he release that ciolate the MUST  requirements, neh? Or
>  is the release team more equal than the ftp team?

Only you would think that this is "the same token".

>        All delegates feel like they are god, when it comes to their
> part of the process.

Speak for yourself.

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