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Re: debian/rules "make -f" restriction

Tobi wrote:
> Or should we just add a Linitan override? Or do we really need to use
> "#!/usr/bin/make -f" as the shebang line in debian/rules?

Use make. it is able to do all the things you're doing right now, including to
do different stuff based on an environment setting.

> Personally I would vote for dropping the make requirement from the
> policy all together. I might be mistaken, but I think none of the
> build tools calls make explicitly with debian/rules. A debian/rules
> might even be a Python or Rake script.

Oh god, no. And I'm not even going to explain why.Think about it.

> Tobias
> [1]:
> http://svn.opensourcefactory.com/svn/vdr/trunk/debian/make-special-vdr.sh

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