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Re: Huge lag between submitting a bug and replies

2009-10-28, Frans Pop:

> The time between submitting bugs (or sending messages to control) and the 
> BTS acting on them is currently much longer than it used to be and, IMHO, 
> should be. Is this a deliberate change or known issue?
> Example: #552576 was submitted 27 Oct 2009 16:26:17 UTC, received by 
> bugs.d.o 16:26:25 UTC, but only registered in the BTS 23:00:12 UTC, more 
> than 6 hours later.

Same here, from msmtp log:
oct 27 14:20:05 (...) from=mauro@cacavoladora.org recipients=submit@bugs.debian.org 
mailsize=2105 smtpstatus=250 smtpmsg='250 ok' exitcode=EX_OK

Which was a wishlist bug to scrotwm, and I'm still waiting.


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