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pdns (PowerDNS): need new (co)maintainer

Hi, everyone...

Matthijs Mohlmann and me are the current maintainers of the "pdns" package.
It is a (DNS) name server software that can use different database backends
like MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite and is used by large organisations with
many domains to maintain their DNS zones. In addition there is a simpler
package "pdns-recursor" which is just handling recursive DNS queries
because that functionality has been split off.

I personally used PowerDNS in the past but not any more. So I have less
personal interest in the package now. Matthias does not have enough free
time to handle the package alone. Thus we are looking for help with the

The packages are currently maintained in Git but that's not mandatory.

The upstream is nice and helpful.

There are a few bug reports open but most of them are already forwarded to
the upstream developer. The package might just need some love by uploading
updated debconf translations, tidying up the init.d script etc. So it's not
in a terribly bad shape. But considering the amount of time we spend on
maintaining the package it will probably become worse.

Package information:

Bug list:

Git repository:

Upstream homepage:

Let us know if you want to help. Thanks.


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