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Re: Submitting bugs for manpage improvements

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 07:17 +0200, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> I have written a small script to make it easy to submit manpage
> improvements (it's attached).
> I believe that it much more effective to submit a patch, rather than
> explaining what needs to be improved. The tool works like quilt...
> There is one issue: most of the bugs will have to be forwarded
> upstream.[..]
> I would get your opinions on how to make this useful/convenient.

I have received some feedback from a developer who is concerned about
having to deal with the contribution from "nitpickers". I must admit
that I am concern with bikeshedding and nitpicking too.

I had a few ideas... (so far)

A. We could have a different work-flow for (non)-native package:
 - For non-native package, we could instruct people to submit the
   diff-file to the upstream maintainer.
 - For native package, we could file a bug in Debian BTS.

B. We could provide a way so maintainer could declare whether
   the bug should be filed upstream or to the BTS.

C. We could ship the tool in a package that is usually installed
   by developers only (shipping the script in a package like 
   devscripts, rather than installing it by default)

Option A and C looks interesting...



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