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OpenVZ - deb-packages

Hi all!

I need OpenVZ 2.6.27 with ppp-features available. I was on the
point of building the package, but I am not very good in building
of kernels and the current openvz is built somehow strange:
apt-get source linux-image-2.6.26-2-openvz-686 gets an src-package
with no mentions of openvz in debian/control in it.

I've also planned to finish the zsh-completions for vzctl for openVZ
and to write a script using debootstrap for creating a guest system.
However I haven't understood yet how the -openvz packages get into

1. Have I understood correctly that openvz doesn't have its own Source
in Debian now and it is simply added/removed from linux-source as the
need arises? How should I act and with whom should I communicate if I
want to add something to the package?

2. May be somebody has already built openvz 2.6.27 (with ppp-features).
Could You share the link on repository?

... mpd is off

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