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Re: Is Mari Wang MIA?

On Thu, 2009-10-01 at 23:53 +0200, Mari Wang wrote:
> Sorry about the late reply - I am indeed alive, and I intend to keep
> maintaining libimage-exiftool-perl.  Whether I continue to do that
> alone or as part of the Debian Perl Group, isn't really all that
> important to me. 

Great to hear from you!

Keeping the package in Debian Perl gives you a VCS and lots of
maintainers willing to help out and developers to help improve packaging
skills plus sponsor uploads.

> I've got a new version of the package (7.82) just about ready for upload,
> give me a day or two (I want to take another look at it when this headcold
> leaves, hopefully along with all the cotton in my head).

Have you had a chance to review your package?

It's the only one holding the latest webgui 7.7 package I have ready for
upload to close a couple of bugs.
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