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Re: Is Mari Wang MIA?

[Ernesto Hernández-Novich]

> I've been trying to contact Mari Wang for about three weeks now, first
> through private e-mail then through the BTS [1]. The private e-mail was
> pretty much the same as the last response to #521889, explaining that I
> work on the webgui package and it needed the latest upstream for
> libimage-exiftool-perl (thus filing a bug), but also offering to take
> over the package to the Debian Perl Group [2]
> The last upload for that package was on 2008-06-15, sponsored by Petter
> Reinholdtsen [3]. Also, libimage-exiftool-perl is the lone package being
> maintained by Mari Wang.
> Can anyone get in touch with her?

Sorry about the late reply - I am indeed alive, and I intend to keep
maintaining libimage-exiftool-perl.  Whether I continue to do that
alone or as part of the Debian Perl Group, isn't really all that
important to me.  I've got a new version of the package (7.82) just
about ready for upload, give me a day or two (I want to take another
look at it when this headcold leaves, hopefully along with all the
cotton in my head).

All the best



Mari Wang

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