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Re: Bug#549353: ITP: arename -- automatic audio file renaming

> arename is a tool that is able to rename audio files by looking at a
> file's tagging information.

Without wanting to derail your enthusiasm, doesn't Debian already have
some of these? :-)

An aptitude search for "~drenam ~dtag" (Description includes both renam
and tag) lists (among some obvious false-positives) amarok, easytag,
entagged, exfalso, gmusicbrowser, id3ren, juk, lltag, mp3rename, mpgtx,
pyrenamer and tagtool. Some of those are players or tag-editors too, and
that simplistic search clearly missed out some tools with similar
capabilities (e.g. picard).

If the answer is "arename is significantly better" then fair enough, but
selectively-quoting the DPL's Debconf9 keynote
"26,000+ binary packages [...] Do we really need another web server /
music player / calculator?"

(Fair disclosure: my recently-used renaming tools are picard, exfalso,
and some improvised do-what-I-want scripts using


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