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Re: Debconf and PackageKit

Le mardi 29 septembre 2009 à 11:37 -0700, Daniel Nicoletti a écrit : 
> > Currently, the question will simply be ignored, the frontend being set
> > to noninteractive when there is no TTY nor display available.
> The hard work imo will be if i start in an interactive mode (in the backend)
> but when a question needs to popup the user loged out and i need to
> ignore the questions..

In this case, just don’t set the questions as seen, and that’s all.
They’ll be ignored or re-asked later, depending on the case. You could
also switch to emulating the noninteractive frontend when that happens. 

> > This frontend would actually consist in a middleware that forwards
> > requests through D-Bus. The real frontend would be called by the
> > PackageKit frontend itself. You could probably directly re-use the
> > existing Gnome frontend to show the actual dialogs.
> Well I think it might be easy to get accepts by Upstream if
> this was a separate app since no change in gnome or kde frontends
> would be needed to add a strictly Debian Feature,
> I thought of using a socket since it could be chmod to 600 for example.

I was talking about the Gnome.pm frontend for Debconf.
As for the socket idea, this is just a hack; if you’re working on a
D-Bus-based frontend for APT, you need to use D-Bus for all

> > Ugh, that’s an absolutely horrible and broken solution. You should use
> > the --status-fd dpkg option instead.
> hmm ok I'll investigate on how to use that in an apt-get based code..

Why do you use apt-get and not libapt? Especially if you’re working on a
C++ frontend…

> Yep I know they worked on aptdaemon but as the author
> told me it does not fit well in PackageKit as this could do.

Yes, OTOH it could fit as a backend to update-manager.

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