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Re: DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE: is it popular and should we document it?

Charles Plessy wrote:

> Dear all,
> in a discussion on how to force network-dependant regression tests (that
> must be disabled in our build network, but whose result I want to see
> before uploading), I was suggested by Jonas Smedegaard, who got this idea
> from Romain Beauxis, to use a DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE environment variable
> that is detected in debian/rules.
> I was just wondering if other people were using something similar and if
> there would be ground for standardisation.

Why not reuse the current env var used for that kind of things?
DEBIAN_BUILD_OPT. 'netavail' or something like that could be used to tell
the rules file that it is ok to try to do anything that requires an

Just an idea regarding the name, not that I'm advocating it (I don't
maintain any package that would benefit from it).

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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