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Re: The future of the boot system in Debian

On Mon, 7 Sep 2009, Gabor Gombas <gombasg@sztaki.hu> wrote:
> The original announcement said that Fedora is already using upstart.
> AFAIK Fedora is also commited to using SELinux. Do they use a similar
> patch? Can they help convincing upstream?

Sorry for the delay in responding.

In terms of the upstream SE Linux developers there is a difference of opinion 
as to the best way to do some things.  Manoj and I have some different 
priorities (such as supporting people who don't want to use initrd and 
systems that can't use initrd) to the other upstream developers.

The Red Hat employees who do upstream SE Linux work are only interested in 
supporting initrd use of SE Linux.  The way things work with nash seems to be 
slightly less inconvenient for them than some of the things that have been 
proposed for Debian.  If we were to adopt the Red Hat initrd system then some 
of the objections to implementing the other Red Hat early-boot ideas in 
Debian would be removed (but we would still have the issue of supporting 
systems without an initrd).

This issue essentially is, do we do what Red Hat does and refuse to support 
the people that Red Hat doesn't support - or do we do things our own way?  
Our own way in this instance being the way that SE Linux has worked in RHEL4, 
RHEL5, and all releases of Fedora apart from the last couple.

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