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Re: opposition against clamav-data in debian volatile

On Sun, 20 Sep 2009, Marc Haber wrote:
> As long as you do not expect me to manually sign every single upload,

Why not?  It is a package, it has root access anywhere it is being installed
or removed.  Even if you abuse the DM machinery to have a key restricted to
only upload clamav-data, it would still be risky.  As you said, you'd have
to jump through a lot of loops to do special validation of that specific
package before installing it.

If it would still address whatever problem space clamav-data wants to fix,
maybe it would be easier if you created a package-generator package (that
creates a fresh clamav-data package for the user when, e.g. a
create-clamav-data command is run).  If someone has network access to fetch
clamav-data, he also has network access to fetch the signatures, so he could
run the "create-clamav-data" utility instead...

> It would be massively easier if I knew what are the real issues

What jumps immediately to mind is that someone could get a hold of that key,
and upload a trojan or bomb that will run as root on anyone that installs
(or removes, whatever) the package.

> That being said, it looks like volatile's policies are going to change
> BIG TIME when it gets integrated into the main archive, and frankly,
> as a volatile user, I'd rather see volatile stay separate than seeing
> some of its previous principles dumped.

Do you have a very secure setup involving two boxes, one of which is fully
offline and talks to the first one using a safe, restricted, application
layer link to get the clamav data, and upload the finished package back to
the first box?

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