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Re: Packages that download/install unsecured files

On Fri, 2009-09-18 at 12:22 -0400, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> however, i think that since these packages are depending on information
> outside of the debian archive, most (if not all) should be hosted under
> the contrib section (since users without internet access will encounter
> reduced/limited functionality).and especially for those scripts
> depending on non-free external data.

Uhm.. difficult question,..
The thing is,.. (IMHO),.. the user could still use another data source
that is DFSG-compliant.

Let's take the geoip example (under the assumtion the binaries and libs
are DFSG compliant, but the data not).

Binaries+libs could (right now) should be allowed to go into main,.. if
it's possible to use "other" geoip-data (regardless of whether there's
already a provider for this or not),...
Only if the program data is so much tied to upstream, that there
probably cannot be a free provider,.. it should be forced to non-free.


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