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Re: APT hosed, segving in libapt-pkg-libc6.9-6.so.4.8.1

> I looked in /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/configure-index.gz first, but I
> could not find it there. Should it be added?
Yes, it should be. A few others seems to be missing also...
Will be added in the next upload round.

>> The description is far from being perfect and a few things are missing
>> so real world input is highly welcomed.
> The example currently only shows how to set the first compression type.
> An example that also sets a second fallback would be nice.
>> Addition: The order is defined by insertion into the list and missing
> Inserted before or after current value(s)?
Yeah, this is one of the thinks a bit harder to understand,
and the documentation definitely lacks a proper explanation for this.

The list which apt uses per default would look like in the config file:
Acquire::CompressionTypes::bz bzip2;
Acquire::CompressionTypes::lzma lzma;
Acquire::CompressionTypes::gz gzip;
or (which is better to understand in my eyes):
Acquire::CompressionTypes {
    bz bzip2;
    lzma lzma;
    gz gzip;
So in short: Acquire::CompressionTypes is an associative fifo list which
ensures that it has always at least the three default entries.
(Exception: Entries are removed because their binaries are not in place)

> Would the following also work to use an *un*compressed packages file:
> Acquire::CompressionTypes::"" "";
A quick test suggest that this would work as a hack, but apt doesn't like
uncompressed files and will print many false-negative Ignore messages.
Debian doesn't provide an uncompressed file (main sid i368 would be ~28 MB)
and if i am remember correctly apt doesn't even try to acquire uncompressed
files (expect for local archives with the method file of course) per default.

> That's what I did, and it works great! I got a very notable speed
> improvement on my sparc box, and expect even better results for my s390
> I think it's worth mentioning, especially if you could also mention, as an
> example, that using gzip can improve speed on slower systems.
Really? Never thought that there is a noticeable difference between the
two compression types if you add the increased downloadtime to gzip,
but i never tried/measured it... will be added to the news sidenote.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

David "DonKult" Kalnischkies

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