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Re: Serious problem with geoip - databases could not be build from source

Patrick Matthäi wrote:
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MJ Ray schrieb:
Patrick Matthäi <pmatthaei@debian.org> wrote:
GeoIP is a quite usefull library for geolocation.
It has got a stable ABI/API and upstream is normaly very helpfull with
patches and issues.
Currently I see only three options:
1) upstream decides to open his build system
2) we move it to contrib with all consequences
3) we leave it as it is
4) we deduce the build system by looking at the CSVs and how the
library uses the binary dat files, then junk the upstream-built
dat files.  I've no idea if this is feasible, but it's another

5) We create a new free database.

I don't think is too difficult, and I think we would have support
also at high level.
But it needs a lot of communication works: the term of service of
IANA and the RIRs (Regional Internet Registry) forbid to spider and
publish data. OTOH I really think they will make an exception for
us, or in general for such good networking data.

Somebody would help me contacting and convincing the RIRs about
a free geoIP database?


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