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Re: request for disks

(from a discussion in debian-devel, where Ashish Bista from Central
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Tribhuvan
University, Nepal, was requesting for Debian CDs or DVDs)

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org):

> Unfortunately there don't appear to be any Debian CD/DVD vendors in
> your country. You might want to try the vendors who distribute
> internationally, or the vendors in neighbouring countries like India
> or Pakistan.
> If you would like to setup a Debian CD/DVD distribution point in your
> country, please read this page:
> http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/info
> PS: if you are interested in localising Debian for your language, you
> might like to read this page and the links therein:
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ch03.html

Debian (at least the installer) is already well localized in Nepali,
thanks to the efforts of the Nepalinux project
(http://www.nepalinux.org). The same project works on localization of
the major components of a distribution (GNOME, KDE, OO.o, Firefox, etc.).

They created a dedicated distribution, meant to be distributed on one
CD, and based on Debian and the Morphix installer (same technology use
for DzongkhaLinux 1.0 in Bhutan).

You may indeed want to get in touch with Nepalinux folks...

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