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Re: request for disks

[CCing you since I presume you are not subscribed]

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 3:59 PM, Ashish Bista <poisonta03@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am Ashish Bista from Central Department of Computer Science and
> Information Technology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I am currently
> student of M.Sc. first semester. Although we are using debian here, we
> are searching all the debian CD/DVD including deb packages and source
> code. We will be thankful to you if you provide us all the CD/DVD of
> debian including source disks. So, please send us all the disk at
> following address,

As you can see at our website, the Debian project does not make
physical CD/DVDs. Instead we rely on CD/DVD vendors to distribute
CD/DVDs for us:


Unfortunately there don't appear to be any Debian CD/DVD vendors in
your country. You might want to try the vendors who distribute
internationally, or the vendors in neighbouring countries like India
or Pakistan.

If you would like to setup a Debian CD/DVD distribution point in your
country, please read this page:


PS: if you are interested in localising Debian for your language, you
might like to read this page and the links therein:


The process for translating the Debian website to your language is written here:




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