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Re: Help needed on mipsel #541706: gpe-expenses_0.1.7-2+b1(mipsel/unstable)

On 2009-08-19, Andreas Moog <debian-devel@warperbbs.de> wrote:
> Another way to fix this is to have the scripts use /bin/bash as shell
> (as Daniel Leidert suggested, this is a problem with dash as /bin/sh).

I guess I need to point out that dash as default will propagate to the
buildds when chroots are redone.  (Which does not happen all that often,
but it's possible that some are switching in the next weeks when they're
switched to the "new"[0] version of sbuild.)

That's somehow due to the transition strategy so that existing installations
are not touched.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

[0] Actually an older version of the sbuild in unstable, I tried rebasing
    against the current version and got stuck with an unusable buildd

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