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Re: Help needed on mipsel #541706: gpe-expenses_0.1.7-2+b1(mipsel/unstable)

Neil Williams wrote:
>>> make[3]: Entering directory `/build/buildd/gpe-expenses-0.1.7/po-lib'
>>> cd .. \
>>> 	       /bin/sh ./config.status
>>> config.status: creating po/Makefile.in
>>> config.status: executing depfiles commands
>>> shift: 2368: can't shift that many
>>> make[3]: *** [stamp-it] Error 2
>> A full build log can be found at:
>> http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?arch=mipsel&pkg=gpe-expenses&ver=0.1.7-2+b1
> Help?

The Ubuntu Bug Report https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/415536 deals
with the same issue. There is a debdiff attached which regenerates the
autoconf files and fixes the FTBFS.

Another way to fix this is to have the scripts use /bin/bash as shell
(as Daniel Leidert suggested, this is a problem with dash as /bin/sh).

Regards, Andreas Moog

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