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Re: default character encoding for everything in debian

On Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:03:30 +0100
Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 01:18:12PM +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:
> > I'm not sure, whether a conclusion is already reached.
> > 
> > 1. apt-get install mysql
> > 2. enter mysql client
> > 3. create database test; create table test( test char(10) );
> > 
> > Replace mysql with whatever application you like.
> > 
> > What should be the encoding of database and table test in cases
> > like the above?
> > 
> > Currently it's iso-something, discriminating everybody from other
> > countries. If it would be utf-8 instead, it would have at least two
> > advantages
> > 
> > - The clueless user would get a sane default
> > - utf-8 isn't as discriminating as iso-8859-1
> UTF-8 is the sane default choice in this situation, so long as MySQL
> is capable of handling it.

Is that a real problem? Usually applications that use a SQL DB come
with some script to set up the schema. If they want UTF-8, they will
create a table with UTF-8 encoding. I wouldn't change MySQL's default
without reason, because old scripts might rely on that behaviour.

Those applications, however, should be configured to use UTF-8 by
default (if they support it) and their DB setup scripts accordingly.


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