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Re: Bits from the release team and request for discussion

On Tue, Aug 11 2009, Matthew Johnson wrote:

> On Tue Aug 11 10:12, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
>> Personally I don't think we should do a GR to recommend a freeze or release date.
>> We already used the DPL election to push a release, when it was *long* due, but
>> I don't think we should push a freeze.
> Zack has been patching devotee to allow more informal (and not at all
> binding) polls to be run with the same infrastructure. I think this
> could be a suitable candidate to run using that. It allows us to have a
> poll which can only be voted in by DDs and not easily stuffed, but
> without having to go through the pain of a formal resolution.

        Hmm? Why haven't these patches been sent upstream, then?  I have
 been also working at devotee-ng, which will have a plug-in
 architecture, to allow votes to add in dfferent pre-processing stacks
 (mime/gpg-decrypt, vs plain ballot vs DB lookup), to bypass checks
 (gpg, ldap), or add new ones, and to change the vote tallying
 algorithm, and add in new response/publish modules.

        Forking devotee at this point seems to serve little purpose,
 given that upstream is not hostile.


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