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Re: Automatic Debug Packages

On Mon, Aug 10 2009, Don Armstrong wrote:

>> Also, It is indeed trivial to add that to non-helper-package using
>> packages, it just requires some editing (just like modufying helper
>> packages will need editing).
> Since it's trivial, I look forward to seeing patches from you to
> implement policy once we decide it on all of the non-debhelper using
> packages. [How many person-hours of labor are we talking about now?]

        Why would you see patches? You will see new uploads of my
 packages.  As a DD, I am responsible for my packages, and making sure
 they follow policy -- and any policy mandate to add debug packages will
 be fairly trivial to implement (I already have kernel-package allowing
 debug kernel images to be built).

        I think it will take me about 30 minutes or so to code, and
 of course any new packages will have to be built and tested, but I can
 mostly automate that bit. Turning on debug packages is likely to be
 less than 5 minutes per package, unless I choose to implement turning
 on debug packages without entering them in debian/control.

        Even if I let a helper package build some packages, I would
 still have to test it -- more so, since it would be mostly black
 magic.  So people who use helper packages will still have to
 rebuild/test their packages anyway -- I do not see the testing part as
 a new and onerous burden only upon myself. Or were you imagining some
 single person is going to test all these debug packages? How many
 thousands of man hours is that?

        I would not presume to let gobs of untested packages loose on the
 archive, no. 

        So anyone not using a helper is already responsible for having
 their packages follow policy; and if they follow the current policy
 already, adding debug packages will be trivial.

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