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Re: Non-unified patches and dpkg source format ‘3.0 (quilt)’.

On Thu, Aug 06 2009, Charles Plessy wrote:

> This said, if there were a project-wide momentum for standardising on one patch
> format, I would not oppose. This would probably be a release goal, a
> preparation for a Policy change, or a demand from the security team to the
> package manintainers. Something with a motivation, a plan, some facts and some
> volunteers to get things done.

        Why would we want to add that to policy? It seems like that both
 the context diff and the unified diffs offer the same information (ie,
 the change, and the context), and that each format can be mechanically
 transformed from one to the other, and that which form one uses depends
 on the individual.

        I find that chunks with small changed grouped close together
 read better in unified format, but if the chunk is long, with lots of
 smallish changes interspersed with common context, then following the
 logic of the old code versus the new code is better using context diffs
 (you do not have to mentally keep  track of two different flows).

        This is mostly subjective, I know.

        So policy should never promote one personal preference over
 another, given that the formats convey the same information, and can be
 transformed by tools, and are equally easily applied.

        I mean, really, people, we are not the Borg. Why should dpkg
 care, as long as the patch applies?

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