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Bug#506481: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#506481: initscripts: Fix to allow falsified cpu information in /proc/cpuinfo

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Matthias Klose]
> >> Right.  This seem to be a problem that need to be solved by the
> >> compiler, and not by initscripts.  Reassigning to gcc.
> >
> > this has nothing to do with the compiler, which is built for a fixed 
> > arch/tune setting.
> Right.  If the compiler is not the entity deciding what architecture
> and CPU feature set a program is build for, I have no idea what is.
> It is definitely not the initscripts package, so I reassign this to
> 'general' in the hope that someone know more about this than me.

It is whatever package being built.  And if it is using anything other than
the ARCH dpkg tells it to and giving the compiler wrong options (thus
overriding whatever is the default arch for the compiler), that package is
broken (RC-broken, in fact) and needs to be fixed.   If it is not a Debian
package, then it is out of our hands.

I don't know how one would go about changing the default target arch for the
toolchain, if this is what this bug is about.  But messing with
/proc/cpuinfo certainly is not something we want to support.

And BTW, for a long time, dpkg told everything to build for i386.  I believe
we're doing i486 nowadays on ia32.  We *certainly* don't do i686.  Refer to
dpkg-architecture(1) for details...  gcc -dumpmachine seems to agree with
dpkg-architecture, so any builds for i686 are either caused by buggy
packages, or by direct builds by the local users using autoconf/GNU config
without a site override for config.guess (or a local command-line override,
like the Debian packages are supposed to do while building).

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