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Re: maybe a problem with sid branch

thanks both of you frans and daniel

i must to get involved with reportbug

El dom, 02-08-2009 a las 08:59 +0200, Frans Pop escribió:
> Leinier Cruz Salfran wrote:
> > The following packages have unmet dependencies:
> > aptitude: Depends: libapt-pkg-libc6.9-6-4.7 but it is not installable
> > Depends: libept0 (>= 0.5.26+b1) but it is not going to be
> > installed
> This is not a "problem" with sid, but very simply how sid works. It is 
> *normal* that packages are uninstallable sometimes due to uploads of new 
> versions of packages they depend on. That's the whole point of having 
> sid.
> Sure, it can be inconvenient if that lasts a bit longer sometimes, but 
> normally the people responsible for solving such issues are well aware of 
> them and such mails (or even bug reports like #539376) are not needed.

I disagree with you on this point .. where is success? in a civilized
discussion on the proposal and the exchange of ideas .. if we discover
that there is a problem why we will not publish this list, for example,
although it is obvious that this is a problem of dependencies and is the
branch where are shown all recent changes and new packages that have
probability of failure? .. I think if we want development we can not be
put obstacles .. that is my humble opinion

> If you use sid and there are minor dependency issues: tough luck, just be 
> patient and try again later!
> Cheers,

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